Steel Storage

Steel Storage

The versatile steel storage offers not only just a storage space but a universal and multi functional range of cabinets.

The calm appearance makes them easy to combine with a wide variety of interiors and optimal usage of any conceivable space.

Steel Locker

Your personal belongings storage system. It is a multifunctional aesthetics lockers that fits into every environment.

The usage of it could be from open office, school, gym to hospital and many more.

Variety Of Features

The steel storage has many function and features to suit your needs.

Steel Storage Close To Table

Its stunning to have different storages to be designed and structured at the work area. The tailor made storages close to table can be used for individual or team workstations.

Add-On Concept 

Ultimate storage solution which allows the lockers door to be added on .

Tailor – Made With Personal Taste

Versus storage allowed special designs and welcome personal tailor – made  to suit one’s requirement.

Family of Products

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