Reflex ” room in room “

REFLEX  ” room in room ”  is a system of sofas with high , upholstered walls which can be used to build a “room in a room ” : a separate areas  can create a convenient meeting place inside any space.  Reflex soft seating line is neither overwhelming or dominant.  It will fit perfectly into a waiting lounge , reception area or meeting place , as well as any space you wish to create.




Transform your workplace with Reflex

Redefining where you work can redefine how you work.  whether it’s a space tat offers individual respite from interruption, or an area that encourages collaboration without distracting others, Reflex work lounge uses its simple geometry the great effect, an open space can be transformed into a private escape.  Secluded areas are quickly and simply carved out of the open workplace. 

Variations with Purpose

REFLEX is perfect for creating private booth seating in office workplace or reception lounge .  The REFLEX range includes soft seating lounge sofas with or without acoustic panels.

Bespoke your working space

REFLEX extensive palette of finishes colour and options , allow you to create a nearly infinitely number of configurations and rearrangements.  In this simple way , you can create a bespoke interior that is toilared to your needs.


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