Ring creates a modern office design to look elegant . This design could empower productivity in the office without sacrificing style. 

It varies from stand alone desk , team bench to meeting conference table. 

Different thickness of ring leg could give a different effect into the workstation. The product could be customised to suit all situation.

  • 38/38mm
  • 25/50mm
  • 50/50mm
  • 25/75mm
  • Square tube leg
  • Easy Power Access
  • Support Active Component Product
  • 90° or 120° Work Surfaces, Freestanding Desk
  • Return Work Surfaces
  • Various Screen Types
  • Attach Storages Options
  • MFC or HPL Work Surfaces

The Versus Ring desk system to be incorporated into a wide range of office environment.  It can easily integrate with other Versus products to create the complete workstation.  Intuity desks enable you to make the most of yours space through a kit of parts that can be easily reconfigured .


e-Catalogue is available